Will Titanic 2 Ever Sail ?

Titanic 2

Titanic 2

In their song “Little Blue”, the Beautiful South sang “..you don’t name your boat Titanic 2…”, however on 30th April Australian company Blue Star Line announced their intention to do just that.

The company has today released a preliminary deck plan of the proposed new Liner, drawn up by Finnish marine design specialists Deltamarine.

Titanic 2 Deck Plan

Titanic 2 Deck Plan

Blue Star Line, lead by Australian magnate Clive Palmer, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling to build the new ship. CSC Jinling are better known as container and cargo shipbuilders, however the Chinese are known to want a larger share of the cruise shipbuilding market which is dominated by European yards.

Controversially, Mr Palmer has invited the Chinese Navy to escort the Titanic 2 into New York Harbour on its maiden voyage in 2016.

Mr Palmer said that the Titanic would have the same dimensions as its ill-fated predecessor but would be powered by 21st century technology. He suggested that it would adhere to the first, second and third class passenger system as practised on the original Titanic. A few changes have been forced on the design team to comply with current safety standards including the insertion of a new “safety deck” which would include extra lifeboats.

cruiseastute.com says …

“The tone of the press releases for this project and the heavily media focussed nature of the company’s website lead us to question whether this is just a publicity stunt for Mr Palmer’s business empire, particularly as he indicates that a deck of the ship will host an exhibition to the business opportunities in his native Queensland, Australia. We also can’t see that the American’s would be too pleased at having the Chinese navy escorting her into New York Harbour!

It will be interesting to watch the project and see what happens – 4 years is not long to design a ship from scratch and build her. The big designers and shipyards are capable of working to this timeframe, however these ships are all of a fairly standard design and construction, whilst Titanic 2 would be quite unique. Let’s wait and see”.

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