£190m Plan To Salvage Costa Concordia Revealed

Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia Satellite Image

The salvage operation which will re-float and then remove the Costa Concordia from the Isola Del Giglo in Italy will be the biggest and costliest in history, the ship’s owners Costa Cruises revealed today.

The £190m project will begin in the next few days but will take over a year to complete.

Concordia Salvage Stage 1

Stage 1 – Flotation tanks to be attached to the side of the hull

An Italian-American consortium Titan-Micoperi will carry out the salvage operation on the ship which is currently lying on rocks at an angle of 80 degrees.

Costa Concordia

Stage 2 – Chains will prevent the wreck sliding during the lifting operation

A 40m platform will first be built underneath the ship and the 160ft gash in the hull repaired.

Costa Concordia

Stage 3 – Platform will support the ship during operation

Once all parts are in place, two cranes will pull the Concordia upright before it is re-floated and taken away.

Costa Concordia

Stage 4 – The Concordia is ready to be pulled upright

Once the wreck is removed the platform will be dismantled, the sea bed cleaned, and marine flora replanted.

Costa Concordia

Stage 5 – The ship is pulled upright and will rest on the platform ready to be floated

The operation will be co-ordinated on the Italian mainland in order to reduce the impact on normal port operations.

cruiseastute.com says …

“The scale of this operation is unprecedented and is additionally complicated by the fact that the area is environmentally sensitive meaning that the ship can’t be cut up.”

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  1. Just got back from a Bahamas cruise on the world’s largest cruise ship with my wife and grandchildren (twin 12 year old girls).

  2. I was on the Oasis of the Seas in 2011 with my entire family,for my parent’s 50th anniversary..and what we’re often asked “where there alot of people on board?”

    to answer that,yes,but you could not tell..their system of keeping everything moving smoothly and entertained went flawlessly..I would highly recommend the Oasis anytime,of course I do also recommend its smaller Radiance of the Seas,”she” is is in a class all her own

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